312 Frank's Girls


CW 312 Frank's Girls
What makes Frank happy? He doesn't need much, just a woman who will wear whatever he wants and do whatever he asks. And another to compare her with on a regular basis. As they tell the story it seems as though Frank delights in telling each what the other will do for him.
Each knows about the other but they have never met.
When Nina goes looking for her rival Deauxma; she finds her outside of the club they both belong to.

When she confronts her about her abilities Deauxma assures her that she can hold her own in any situation: sexual or otherwise.
Nina challenges her to the ultimate competition and says she will record it for Frank. Deauxma accepts and the two plan to meet at Nina's house to settle the score once and for all. As soon as these MILFs see each other it's up against the wall bitch.

Then the camera comes on and they waste no time in the struggle for supremacy. Eventually Nina wants to kick it up a notch and takes Deauxma to the bedroom where Nina tells Deauxma:
"I'm going to fuck you so hard that when I'm through you'll be cumming or crying." As the clothes come off the struggle becomes more personal with each looking for any weakness in the other; 69, trib, fingers and breasts all come into play as these vixens jockey for position. And in the end... it turns out that fetish designers have thought of everything as Deauxma brings out the ultimate tools for sexual domination.
This is a specialty tape with latex and pvc fetish wear from head to toes, spectacular sexual enthusiasm and no boundaries. It's unlike anything we have ever done.  Kissing, bearhugs, breast battles, full body pins, and interlocking thighs slowly bring up the heat until they are
ready to explode. And then there's the sex....

(Warning contains graphic penetration, don't buy this DVD if that is offensive to you)

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