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California Wildcats

California Wildcats began producing catfights in 1985, and our sister company, Video Sports Ltd., began shooting women boxing and wrestling the same year.
The catfights are fantasy fights. They could take place outdoors, indoors, underwater, in the jungle, in Beethoven’s boudoir or in the bikers’ garage. The combatants are women.  They could be decked in fetish wear or cavewomen’s furs; bridal gowns or a fine sheen of oil. By the end they will at least be topless; usually they are nude. The fight could involve slapping, kicking, screaming, hairpulling, breastgrabbing, fistfighting—any number of combative techniques: catfighting is truly no holds barred. Certain tapes involve special angles – facesitting, sexfighting, breastbattles. Some are private commissions we have permission to share with you – you may be surprised at who shares your fantasy and what they have made possible for you to view.
(See "Custom Videos" for details)

We try to approach our work at California Wildcats with an eye for detail and a flair for fashion, a sense of what's sensual and a feeling of fun. We pride ourselves on our production values. If the story takes place in desolate desert, we go there; likewise to that sumptuous estate and that beach in Hawaii. Our women are covergirls and centerfolds, but most importantly, they are fighters.

Come take a look,
we’re proud of our work!

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